Lorain County Sheriff's Drug Task makes major PCP bust, $1.2 million; leads to federal investigation

PCP suspect from Lorain arrested in Westlake

ELYRIA, Ohio - Lorain County sheriff's Drug Task Force made a major PCP bust, confiscating more than $1.2 million worth of the drug and prompting a federal cross country investigation with a California connection.

The bust netted three gallons of liquid PCP known on the street as "wet." It's used to lace cigarettes or marijuana and is an extremely dangerous drug, authorities say.

After weeks of watching surveillance video, Lorain County sheriff's chief deputy Dennis Cavanaugh said deputies stopped John Henry Allen, 48, in Westlake and found one gallon of PCP in his vehicle.

Further surveillance led investigators to  a storage facility in Vermilion where two more gallons of liquid PCP were discovered.

Cavanaugh said the traffic stop was made in November, but they couldn't talk about the case until now because it was part of a federal investigation that stretched to finding the supplier of the PCP at a lab in California.

Allen is due in federal court for a pre-trial hearing on April 18.

The Lorain Police Department's Narcotics Unit and the Cleveland DEA also helped in the investigation.

As you can see in the evidence photo from the task force, the PCP was found in a large jug labeled as a sweet tea container.

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