Lorain man with 32 license suspensions pulled over for running flashing light, police say

LORAIN, Ohio - A Lorain man, who has 32 license suspensions, was pulled over again this weekend, according to Lorain police.

Just after 1 a.m. on Sunday, Lorain officers spotted a car drive through a red flashing light at East 28th Street and Grove Avenue. Police made a traffic stop and the driver pulled over in the parking lot of the Shots Club.

"The driver stated ‘It was a flashing light, I yielded.' He was explained what to do for a flashing red light," the police report said.

The driver, Wilfred Lawson Jr., was asked for his driver's license, but told police he didn't have one.

According to the police report, officers ran Lawson's information and found that he has 22 open driver's license suspension, with 32 total. Lawson was also wanted by the Lorain Police Department.

He was issued a citation and taken to the Lorain City Jail.

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