Miles of power lines along Lorain's shore come down to make way for development

LORAIN, Ohio - Three miles of huge power lines running past front porches and along Lorain's lakefront are gone.

The massive substation that blocked views of Lake Erie has also been dismantled. The giant towers that carried the power lines are coming down next.

"It's unbelievable what an impact removing wires can make in terms of a view. The towers and power lines have been a tremendous obstacle in terms of the development of our waterfront," said Lorain Mayor Chase Ritenauer.

Lorain will soon seek developers' proposals, as views of the lake look more like a tourist attraction and less like an electrical grid.

"Outside of Cleveland, we have in my mind, the largest area of developable waterfront with the best view," Ritenauer said.

With a hundred acres to work with, there's talk of a water park, hotel, shopping, restaurants, public parks and new housing. Ritenauer also wants to move or renovate the waste water plant next.

"People who visit here and live here are happy to finally see this happening," Ritenauer said.

The first of towers will start coming down in October. FirstEnergy has already built a new substation at Lorain's steel plant.

Ritenauer would like to see development within three to five years.

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