Brunswick City Schools close all 11 schools as precaution for norovirus

BRUNSWICK, Oh - All 11 schools in the Brunswick City School District are closed for the rest of this week due to norovirus, a contagious stomach virus that's been attacking both students and staff.

Superintendent Michael Mayell said between 60 and 80 cases have been reported. Those aren't large numbers for a school district with 7,500 students, but the district took the precaution because of how quickly the virus spreads.

Norovirus spreads from person to person or from contaminated food, according to Dr.Charles Emerman, chairman of emergency medicine at MetroHealth Medical Center.

"The common foods that cause it are shellfish, because shellfish live in places where they get fecal content, and from salads," Emerman said. "So it's very important that you ensure that you thoroughly wash your salads."

Emerman said it's also important to wash your hands to keep the disease from spreading.

Mayell said the schools and buses are being cleaned so they can be germ free when classes resume next Tuesday.

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