Medina County insurance broker shares his take on Obamacare

LITCHFIELD, Ohio - Chris Salmonski of Medina County has been putting off buying health insurance on the government's affordable health insurance website because of all the trouble people are having.

"All the glitches, the waiting," he said.

Phones are ringing off the hook at Insure One Benefits in Litchfield as people from all over Ohio call to inquire about the Affordable Care Act.  But agents have only been able to get four clients covered because of all of the problems with the website,

Certified broker agents know how to estimate a person's health insurance subsidy and find the plans for them to shop and select.  However, they still have to depend on the government's troubled website to  apply to purchase coverage.

"It was just the  wrong approach," said Stan Sieniawski, broker agent and president of Insure One Benefits. "There was a simpler way to do this. I think we could have impacted those who need the most help without creating such an administrative conundrum."

Sieniawski said he's especially disappointed that the government didn't reach out to insurance experts for help.

W eb Extra: Insurance broker Stan Sieniawski explains what's next for people whose existing insurance plans will be discontinued because they don't meet the new government requirements. Watch video player above.

In the meantime, Salmonski, who owns a landscaping business, hopes everything will be in order in the next couple of months when he'll have time to enroll.

"Soon as the snow flies," he laughed.  "That's when we slow down."

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