Family farm and creamery focus on local food scene

Lucky Penny expands artisan offerings

KENT, Ohio - The Lucky Penny Farm and Creamery produced more than 10,000 pounds of cheese from locally sourced sheep and goats milk last year.

The Portage County based operation has recently introduced a new goats milk caramel candy sauce called "Cajeta" and is working to develop a similarly flavored barbeque sauce.

According to owner Abbe Turner, it's all part of the effort to grow Northeast Ohio's nationally recognized and diverse culinary scene.

"We believe we're doing our part to help rebuild a healthy local food system," said Turner outside the Lucky Penny processing facility near downtown Kent.

"Currently our milk is actually sourced from five different goat farms and two different sheep farms, located all over Wayne. Holmes and Ashland Counties," Turner continued.

Turner showed NewsChannel5 around the Kent creamery - a renovated warehouse - and talked about the importance of local, sustainable and responsible farming and food production practices.

"Everything here has been recycled from other dairy farms, from other processing plants and other restaurants," Turner said. "We believe recycling is good for the environment but it's also kind on the budget too."

Lucky Penny products are used by restaurants around the region and available at select retailers and farmers markets.

"We're a rural to urban connector," Turner said. "We're bringing raw materials in from the farms, we're processing them here in an urban area, and then we're distributing them back to the metropolitan areas -- Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton."

Click on the extended video beneath the player box to take a tour of the Lucky Penny Creamery.

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