Party in Brimfield overnight Friday leads to 18 arrests


A big party in Brimfield held by some college students overnight Friday ended with 18 arrests.

Chief Oliver posted to the Brimfield Police Department Facebook page, "Although we didn't receive official invitations, some of the neighbors believed we should make an appearance....likely because we are internet sensations and generally the life of most parties...oh, and the drunk people in the street may have been a for calling us Johnny Law types."

The Brimfield police department recently had some attention after the Associated Press and ABC news wrote articles on Chief Oliver and his clever Facebook posts. (Read the ABC article here:

The posting went on to say, "When we arrived, the intoxicated people in attendance were so awe struck by seeing famous officers, they began to run away. It looked like a cartoon. After the dust settled and all of the drunken 100 yard dash participants were rounded up....we counted 18 physical arrests, for various offenses."

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