Portage County APL cares for sick kitten with fleas found in trash bag full of beer cans

RAVENNA, Ohio - A sick kitten is being nursed back to health after being found in a trash bag.

Over Labor Day weekend, the Portage APL said, a woman in Ravenna heard a kitten crying in a dumpster. She found it in a closed trash bag with empty beer cans. It is not known how long the cat was in the bag.

The APL took the kitten to shelter and evaluated its condition. The female cat was very weak, emaciated and dehydrated. It also had fleas and tapeworms.

The cat also had a head tilt, but it is unclear if that is due to a neurological problem or abuse.

A veterinarian determined the kitten was eight weeks old, which surprised the APL, due to its small size. Members believed she was younger, but suspect that malnutrition and fleas slowed her growth.

Vets gave the kitten fluids, flea medication, a de-worming medication and a bath. The Portage APL named her Annie Oakley.

Annie Oakley is in foster care while she recovers from her ordeal. If she continues to get better and gain weight, she should be up for adoption in a few weeks. The veterinarian must still determine the cause of her head tilt.

A humane officer is looking into the case.

For more information, log onto www.portageapl.org/ or call at 330-296-4022.

The Facebook page for the APL will feature updates and it can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Portage-Animal-Protective-League/354845372409.

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