Canton police release surveillance picture of suspect who vandalized dog warden building

CANTON, Ohio - The Canton Police department needs your help in tracking down the suspects who vandalized the Stark County Dog Warden's office. Investigators just released a security camera picture of one of the suspects.

The picture was taken from inside the Dog Warden's office just after midnight on Thursday morning. Canton police are in the process of enhancing the picture.

The Stark County dog warden took a hit after vandals used a garbage truck to go on a rampage inside a fenced area, smashing into vehicles and the building, county administrator Brant Luther said.

Suspects entered a fenced area containing the dog warden's office, sewer department and other county buildings between midnight late Wednesday and Thursday morning, according to Luther. They located a garbage truck with keys in it and smashed into nearly everything.

The individuals drove the truck into other parked vehicles, using them as projectiles.

"It's completely senseless. It's inexplicable really," Luther said.

A load-bearing wall for the building that houses the dog warden collapsed. A temporary fix is in place for the wall.

The kennel area of the building was not damaged and none of the dog was hurt.

Three of the dog warden's five vehicles sustained damage. One of the vans had only been is use for a month.

Two people also entered and ransacked the dog warden's building after it was smashed up, Luther added. They stole a computer and clothing.

Surveillance video from inside the building shows the two males suspects.

Stark County Dog Warden Jon Barber believes the suspects will be captured and will get justice.

"I want to know why they did what they did obviously. Was it just because they were bored and had nothing to do, or did they really have a vendetta against the Stark County Dog Warden's Office?" Barber said.

The damage total is expected to surpass $100,000.

Barber said taxpayers will foot the bill for the repairs since there is a $10,000 deductible on the building. He also said there will be a cost to replace the vehicles. The county has liability coverage on the vehicles, but not collision coverage.

Anyone having any information on the identity of this person please call the Canton Police Detective Bureau at (330) 489-3144.  Anonymous tips can also be sent through the department's Tip411 system.

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