89-year-old has volunteered with Mobile Meals for over a decade

STOW, Ohio - Every day, Mobile Meals delivers meals to about 2,500 people. Much of the work is done by their volunteers, of whom there are more than 200.

At 89 years old, Andy Couch has been donating his time for over a decade. Andy and his wife Audrey spent more than 10 years working as a team delivering a hot meal to the needy. Audrey became ill and they had to stop volunteering. Sadly, Audrey passed away in August.

After taking three years off to care for his wife, Andy is back volunteering along with his daughter and step-daughter.

"We're doing God's work. We're helping other people." said Andy.

Mobile Meals serves a five-county area in Northeast Ohio. Phil Marcin, the Vice-President of Development for Mobile Meals, said in many cases their volunteers will be the only person their clients will see each day.

With over 200 volunteers Marcin said the volunteers are critical to their success. "Every day we deliver meals to about 2,500 people. That's a lot of people, so without the volunteers that just couldn't happen."

If you would like to volunteer with, make a donation to, or find out more about Mobile Meals, click here.

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