Barberton flooding keeps neighbors busy bailing out basements

Floodwaters fill homes in Barberton

BARBERTON,Ohio - Jason Cooper found his family's home in on Shannon Avenue in Barberton with more than two feet of water late Wednesday evening. By noon on Thursday, Cooper had pumped and bailed most of it out, taking a huge sigh of relief.

"In the last three years, I think, this just keeps on happening," Cooper said.

Even with the basement filling up with raw sewage, Cooper was able to save the washer, dryer and hot water heater. In 2010, they lost all of their appliances to another flood.

"It is disgusting. It backs up and shoots out of this drain. It was way up on our walls. It's a lot of work," Cooper said.

Barberton firefighters were going to door to door, asking anyone they encountered if they needed a lift out of their home to drier land. Their rubber rescue raft was able to move in water deep enough to rival the nearby creek.

Neighbors, like Troy Oligney, waded through the damage on the west side of the overflowing creek with his children, Riley and Damian. Knee high to Oligney, the water was still deep, not yet passable, for motorists south of Hopocan Road. It caused traffic jams on side streets.

"The last time this happened it took three days to a week for the water to go back down. I'm hoping for it to go faster this time. I'll need to use bleach down here in the basement and make the best of it," Cooper said.

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