Ohio Amish woman Kathryn Miller moves up prison reporting date

CLEVELAND - One of 16 Amish convicted in beard-cutting attacks on fellow Amish in Ohio has a few days to say her goodbyes before heading to prison.

Kathryn Miller, a mother of three young children, will report by Friday at the federal prison in Danbury, Conn.

After hearing from others already serving sentences, she won a Cleveland federal court judge's approval last week to move up her prison reporting date. She must serve one year.

The leader of the Amish defendants, Sam Mullet Sr., is serving 15 years. The others received sentences ranging up to seven years.

The members of an Amish sect from Bergholz near Steubenville were convicted of hate crimes in 2011 attacks meant to shame fellow Amish over religious interpretations.

The defendants are appealing.

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