Can this 4-year-old be your flower girl?

NEW YORK - Holding a neon-green sign advertising her services, Annabelle Earl, 4, stood inside New York's City Hall with just one wish: to be a flower girl.

After a playmate introduced her to the concept earlier this year, Annabelle told her mother, Kim Earl, that she, too, wanted to walk a bride down the aisle. The problem was that there were no family weddings in the works and close friends of her parents were already married, ABC NEWS reported.

"I thought she would forget about it after a while," Kim Earl told ABC News. "But it kept coming back

Not wanting to disappoint her daughter, Earl knew she had to do something. Since so many couples wed at City Hall each year, Earl planned a trip to the municipal building and hoped that at least one couple would be willing to include her daughter in their special day.

"I explained this option to her, and she thought it sounded okay," Earl said.

Last Friday, Annabelle put on her fanciest dress, decorated a brightly colored sign, and picked out a bouquet of flowers. She and her mother then traveled to the tip of Manhattan and stood in the lobby.
"People smiled at us," Earl said. "But I guess they didn't really know what to make of it. I told Annabelle we were going to have to go ask people ourselves."

After one couple turned her down, next, she approached a well-heeled woman in white and made her offer. This bride agreed.

Because Earl had told Annabelle that it was her job to entertain the couple, the newly appointed flower girl told stories and introduced both husband and wife to the Wedding Barbie doll that she had brought with her. Despite the revelry, Earl said that Annabelle took her responsibilities "very seriously."

For now, Annabelle has no immediate plans to repeat her City Hall performance, but her mother said that her daughter would be willing to return.

"The one thing she did say was, 'If I ever do this again, I want to be able to throw the petals on the floor.'"

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