Life after death? Arizona man Alex Hermosillo says he has seen afterlife

TEMPE, Ariz. - It's been reported the last words Steve Jobs said were, "Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow."

Did he see something, feel something, or was he starting a journey into the afterlife?

The question has remained the same for centuries, but the answer has never been confirmed. Is there life after death?

"I know without a doubt there's no such thing as death," said Tempe, Ariz., resident Alex Hermosillo. "I can tell you, it's a new beginning and it's beautiful, I had a near death experience that completely changed me forever."

Alex Hermosillo greets you with a smile. He is soft spoken, makes you feel like you're the only person around, and wants to help people.

"I've seen the afterlife, I have a wonderful feeling about life and what's important," Hermosillo said while sitting in the Tempe office he uses to consult with people. He calls his work Mastery of Energy Healing.

"I now help to heal people, I have been given a gift, a gift of life or energy of love and for me turning that positive energy towards helping people is amazing and it's working, it's worked time and time again," he said.

Hermosillo's journey, he said, started in the emergency room.

"I was on the gurney, looking up, had internal bleeding and that was it," he said.

The middle-aged man said he flatlined.

"This is my story, this is what I went through and it's real, it's very real," said Hermosillo while smiling.

Since the beginning of time, people have wondered, is there a Heaven?  Is there a Hell?  Hermosillo says it's how you interpret it.

As Hermosillo flatlined, he said he watched it all unfold. His family crying. His doctors working on him. He said he could see his body and everything happening from above.

"These doctors and nurses were trying to save my life and then everything became quiet, very peaceful, then a beautiful golden mist came in and I was floating, I saw my mother, father, brothers, sisters, I was looking down on them and knew my time here on Earth was over," said Hermosillo.

He said what he felt and saw next answers the questions regarding life after death.

"I began to fly through the clouds, moving fast, broke through the clouds, going to a destination quickly and all of my fear, shame and grief that I had experienced on Earth was just pulled right out of me," said Hermosillo with a smile. "It was the most joyous time of my entire life."

Hermosillo said he saw a single light, a pinpoint and raced to it, going through the light.

"And I just felt love and peace, I'm serious, it was vivid," Hermosillo said.

He said things felt like they were moving fast, but easy to digest and understand.

Hermosillo said he then saw others, friends, family members, many other people who had died.

"They were souls, souls that emanated light, each one had a different amount of light, some had so much light it was like looking into to sun, others had very little light but were right there," said Hermosillo as he sipped on a cup of water.

He's told the story before. Many times, in fact. Hermosillo currently travels the world sharing his story to various religious groups while consulting CEOs, teachers, principals and others.

"We've had people here from Africa and yes many business leaders and doctors as well, because they all want answers and I just give them a glimpse of what's out there," Hermosillo said. "I use my energy for illness and aches and pains and so much, it's exciting, I am loving my life."

As for the souls projecting light, Hermosillo said the light came with meaning for each soul.

"The light was a reflection of who they were on Earth, so if an individual was judgmental, hateful, had vanity and ego, they had a little bit of light," said Hermosillo. "Those who were kind, loving, helped others in their community, just good souls, they were shining brighter."

Hermosillo said he grew up a devout Catholic with nine brothers and sisters.

"I would say I am not a practicing Catholic, it's not completely about that, religion is important, but this was so much wider than that," Hermosillo said.

As for the lights, Hermosillo said the brightness told a story a story about each soul. Some were bright, others dim, but Alex said he also saw what he called, 'the great lights.'

"Buddha, Jesus, Mary, even Martin Luther King's and Mother Teresa, they had so much more light, I saw them, I could see them."

I asked Hermosillo to describe what it smelled and sounded like.

"That's interesting, nobody has ever asked me that, nobody." After a pause he said, "it smelled clean, very crisp, I have never smelled it before or after an amazing scent and as for the sound, it's strange but it sounded like energy, the cosmos, that's the only way to describe it, energy."

As Hermosillo describes the lights and souls in detail, he said a single light came right at him.

"It was fast, it was moving fast and came right through me and as soon as that light hit me, I heard beeping sounds, beep, beep, beep and I woke up and I was in the hospital bed, I did not want to be in that bed, no way. I wanted to be in that place we call Heaven," Hermosillo said.

Following his experience, Hermosillo quit his previous job in restaurant business to focus on healing through energy.

"My life is so peaceful and joyous. I know what happens, it's wonderful and I know what matters, you cannot take money with you," said Hermosillo while smiling. "It's a blessing, it definitely is, I can't wait to see it again, but I am so happy to have seen it, it changed me."

As for what landed Alex Hermosillo in the hospital.

"A chili cheese dog took me out. Yes, we were having a customer appreciation day with free food and I had a couple hotdogs and had a bad reaction," Hermosillo said, laughing.

Doctors never did find the exact cause of the internal bleeding, but for Alex, he doesn't care.

"Life is a beautiful thing, and the new beginning is amazing, every moment of my life is a gift."

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