Oregon teen calls 911 after she spots a giant 'freaking' spider inside her home

FOREST GROVE, Ore. - A 911 dispatcher got quite the call recently. An Oregon teenager called to report there was a giant spider in her home.

The girl was home alone when she spotted the spider in her bedroom. She told the dispatcher it was similar to a tarantula and she was too afraid to trap or kill it.

She claimed it was the size of a baseball, and that her mother had recently been bitten by a spider and had to go to the hospital for treatment.

Here's part of what she told the dispatcher: 

"And I'm walking into my room and I see this massive freaking creature on the back of my couch and I have no idea what to do, and I can't get ahold of my parents. So, I don't know you guys have anything I can do, or if I sit here and stare at it and wait for someone to get home and kill it."

The dispatcher sent a police officer over. He grabbed a newspaper, rolled it up and killed the spider for the girl.

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