Phoenix baker makes life-size Lady Gaga cake

PHOENIX - Lady Gaga's outfits are often a work of art. Now, so is the singer herself.

The owner of a Phoenix bakery has created a life-size Lady Gaga cake. The man behind the frosting, Jay Murphy, is a huge fan of the pop star.

The entire cake weighs 180 pounds. The frosting and fondant alone weighs 80 pounds.

"There's a wood structure that's up through her and dowels, PVC pipe, lots of wood structuring coming up so it helps the candelabra hold the weight of the cake," Murphy said.

Murphy made the cake ahead of Lady Gage's concert in Phoenix on Wednesday, as part of her North American tour. He said his Gage masterpiece won't be for sale, but will be put on display at his bakery.

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