VIRAL VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel compilation shows Los Angeles fretting about 'arctic' temperatures in 50s

CLEVELAND - While Clevelanders had their windows open reveling in 60 degree January weather, folks in L.A. facing similar temperatures were hunkering down for an "arctic blast."

A funny Jimmy Kimmel compilation that is one of the most shared videos in northeast Ohio shows how Los Angeles news anchors and reporters reacted to unseasonably cold temperatures.

One anchor asks viewers "Are you ready for two of the coldest nights you've ever experienced in Southern California?" while a meteorologist forecasting temperatures in the high 50s and 60s says cold is coming.

Mobile users can watch here:

You may laugh at their reaction to temperatures that would be balmy for northeast Ohio this time of year but they are actually very abnormal for the west coast.

Meteorologist Jason Nicholas says temperatures in downtown Los Angeles dropped to their coldest point in 23 years Monday morning, hitting 34 degrees.

For more on the extreme weather from coast to coast, read Jason's story here:
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