Women chattier than men? One study says yes, points to brain protein as reason

A new study from the Journal of Neuroscience reveals that a brain protein may be the reason that women are more chattier than men.

Researchers noticed that the FOXP2 gene, a speech and language protein, was significantly lower male rodents.

"The amount of Foxp2 protein was significantly higher in multiple regions of the developing male brain compared with females," the study said.

And that's when they compared those observations to people.

"We extended these observations to humans, a species reported to have gender differences in language acquisition, and found the amount of FOXP2 protein in the left hemisphere cortex of 4-year-old boys was significantly lower than in age-matched girls," the study said.

To read more about the study, go the Journal of Neuroscience's website at http://www.jneurosci.org/content/33/8/3276.abstract

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