Michigan family says 2-year-old beaten critically by mother's boyfriend

DETROIT - A 2-year-old boy faces an uphill battle after family members say he was badly beaten by his mother's boyfriend in Washington Township.

As of Thursday night, Damian Sutton is on life-support, in critical condition, and faces his biggest medical challenge in the next 48 hours.

As candlelit prayers keep hope illuminated, across the street at Children's Hospital, Damian's badly beaten body clings to life.

"Originally what we thought is he fell out of a playpen," said Damian's father Timothy Sutton, "The story changed to he had an asthma attack. And this was coming from the babysitter boyfriend at the time."

Timothy Sutton says his son was under the care of his ex-wife's boyfriend, who would watch Damian twice a week for a few hours. After the incident on Tuesday, Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham says the suspect turned himself into authorities the following day.

"He admitted to physically harming him by shaking him roughly and then throwing him." said Timothy Sutton.

"How do you do that to a 2-year-old?" said Damian's uncle Joseph Sutton, "How do you do that to some poor child? How does he deserve that? You have to be an animal to do what he did to that poor boy. I can't count the number of IV's they have into him."

"Around his mouth, it's swollen, and he has tubes everywhere," said Damian's aunt Michelle McLaughlin ,"He was bleeding from the brain yesterday."

Damian remains in a medically induced coma, as family members now know life will not be the same.

"As the doctor told me, if he survives, he is going to have brain damage." said Timothy Sutton, "He's not going to be the same hyper, energetic Damian that I know."

"I still believe in the power of prayer," said Joseph Sutton, "And I want people to pray for him."

"We know he's got brain damage and we know more brain damage is going to happen." said Timothy Sutton, "But with how strong he is, we know he'll pull through and he'll be able to overcome it, I'm sure of it."

Damian is expected to fight through massive swelling in the next 48 hours. Family members say doctors will have a better idea of the extent of Damian's brain damage by Saturday. Meanwhile, the Macomb County Sheriff's Office is expected to file charges against the individual who turned himself in on Friday.

A fund has been set up to help Damian and his family. You can help contribute at: www.gofundme.com/41dcjc

A Facebook page for Damian has been set up at: https://www.facebook.com/justicefordamiansutton



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