Throwback Thursday from the Video Vault: Penguins return to Ohio's Sea World in Aurora in 1990

AURORA, Ohio - Penguins. This brutal winter may have you wondering if there will soon be families of penguins walking through the snow-covered streets of northeast Ohio.

When Ohio had a Sea World, you could see penguins in the warmth of summer in Aurora.

In 1990, the penguins returned to Penguin Encounter for the season in May.

Our WEWS cameras were on hand as the exhibit was re-inhabited.

The process in our archive video was a little cruder than I expected to see.

The truck full of penguins and ice backs up to a dock and the tuxedo-ed birds are guided off the truck and through the halls with warnings of "Excuse me" and "Step back!" shouted.

Once in the display, the birds look as happy as...penguins in cold weather.

Our view from inside the exhibit is a 'bird's-eye view of what the penguins see, a room full of school children looking at them. From this view, one wonder who's on display for whose viewing?

Sea World sold out to Six Flags in early 2001.

Enjoy this look back at a lost gem - our Sea World.


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