Video Vault: Activist Jerry Rubin tossed off TV by Dorothy Fuldheim

TV interview came to a head over 'pigs'

CLEVELAND - The story of Dorothy Fuldheim abruptly ending her 1970 interview with radical Jerry Rubin is legendary.

Fuldheim, disgusted at Rubin's description of police officers as "pigs" and his association with the Black Panthers yells "Out! Stop the interview."

But from seeing the clip over the years, I had only seen the 20 seconds or so when she and Rubin tangle, I hadn't seen the nearly two minute interview leading up to their famous ending.

It's April, 1970, Rubin is promoting his book titled, "Do It!"

Rubin, born in Cincinnati, organized protests comprised of "yippies", Youth International Party, with their most infamous act being the riots during the Chicago's Democratic National Convention in 1968. He and six others became known as the Chicago Seven during their criminal trials.

Our smartly dressed redheaded journalist treats the tie-dyed shirted radical as she would any other guest promoting a book. But Rubin is not your ordinary author.

Rubin said his book is above revolution and overthrowing institutions espousing free sex, free dope and free TV. Rubin says marijuana ought to be free at local drug stores and then asks Dorothy if she's ever 'turned on".

Dorothy and Rubin go back and forth over marijuana and alcohol before turning to the topic of revolution and the end of the interview.

A story told among WEWS employees involves the stopping of the tape. Normally, a director would tell an engineer to stop the taping, but when Dorothy yelled, the engineer hit the stop button and the post-interview shouting match that continued in the studio was not recorded.

Longtime Clevelanders may notice the news set background is covered with Newswatch5 logo which was soon to be changed to Eyewitness News but the familiar circle 5 would remain.

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