Video Vault: Cleveland legends Bob Hope and Dorothy Fuldheim together in 1963

CLEVELAND - Bob Hope and Dorothy Fuldheim sat side-by-side on the set of “The One O,clock Club” in 1963 discussing Hope’s latest book.

Really? Bob Hope and Dorothy Fuldheim together?

The WEWS studios have seen many big names since we went on the air in 1947, but to have the legendary Dorothy Fuldheim and one of the world’s biggest stars, Bob Hope, laughing it up in the WEWS studios is amazing.

Hope was in town to promote his book “I Owe Russia $1,200,” a stop by the very popular WEWS program was a must for hometown boy Hope.

Dorothy laughs as she reads a description of Hope’s wife from the book as "one third Italian, one third Irish and one third lie detector."

Hope tells Dorothy the description of his wife Dolores revolved around an accident he had while performing in Iceland. A woman was supposed to lift and hold him while he sang “Embraceable You.” The gag went wrong as the strong woman wasn't able to hold him when and dropped Hope on his head.

Dolores Hope didn’t believe her husband and told the comedian to put the doctor on the phone.

This short clip from “The One O’clock Club” was taken from the WEWS 30th anniversary show, Dec. 17, 1977.

Dorothy co-hosted the 90-minute show from roughly 1957-1964 with Bill Gordon. Near the end of its run and facing tough competition from Channel 3's "Mike Douglas Show," the show was shortened to 60 minutes, moved to 1:30 p.m. and retitled simply "Dorothy and Bill."


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