Video Vault: Cleveland National Air Show 1991 and 1992

CLEVELAND - Due to Washington budget issues, there is no 2013 air show in Cleveland. Fear not, our Video Vault is chock full of footage from air shows past.

I've chosen stories from 1991 and 1992 for this look at Cleveland National Air Shows from Cleveland's Burke Lakefront Airport.

1991 was a Gulf War edition of the annual aerial extravaganza.

The show had a stealth fighter, it streaks by spectators at the Desert Storm showcase. It was one of 25 types of U.S. military aircraft used in the liberation of Kuwait just a few months earlier.

But it wasn't only American military hardware on display in 1991, as a Soviet MiG 29 graced the skies over Cleveland.

WEWS reporter David Christopher steps out of the way to allow the show to shine. Christopher stops talking for 30 seconds during which we see stunts, barrel rolls, parachute demonstrations, a cargo jet and much more.

1992 could have been called a presidential show, but for an F-14 Tomcat that had engine trouble two days in a row.

It was presidential election season and Air Force One does a fly by of the show. President Bush, the first one, was campaigning in northeast Ohio in his re-election bid against Bill Clinton.

While it was unusual to see the president's plane fly in the Cleveland AIr Show, the United States Air Force Thunderbirds were the marquee attraction.

Again WEWS reporter David Christopher handles the story and again he uses Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone" as the music behind the story as a montage of aircraft is shown.

Next, WEWS reporter Liz Claman tells the story of an F-14 Tomcat engine failure. The plane's malfunction only made the plane a bigger attraction. Military police had to step in when crowds swarmed the plane.

Claman listens as pilot Larry Coy talks about the what steps he took when the engine quit.

Her story closes with Coy telling her it's only after the plane lands successfully that the crew has time to be nervous.

The crew had another chance to be nervous. For the second time in the same show, the F-14 had an engine issue. This time a malfunction caused the engine to have too much power, another emergency landing took place at Burke.

The 2014 Cleveland Air Show is scheduled to take place, but in the meantime, enjoy our video air show.

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