Video Vault: In 1975 promo, Dave Patterson and Ted Henry are 'The Naturals'

WEWS promos helped make Ted Henry a popular anchor

CLEVELAND - Former WEWS news anchors Dave Patterson and Ted Henry were the stars of the WEWS “The Naturals” promo in 1975.

The premise is very simple: show how well the two WEWS anchors work well together as a team. To highlight their teamwork, Dave and Ted are shown doing daily newsroom tasks and having one finish what the other starts.

It took a little bit of convincing to get the anchormen to sign on to do the promo.

Ted Henry fondly recalled “The Naturals” when contacted by email.

“…Eddie (WEWS general manager Ed Cervenak) had to sell us on this over dinner at Stouffer's and that Dave was a hold out...for about 15 seconds...and that it was fun,” said Ted Henry.

Ted credits those promos for making him a household name early in his WEWS anchoring career. Ted worked at WEWS for 38 years, most of it as an anchor.

“The Unnaturals” was the 1976 sequel where everything the two anchors did in their daily routine went terribly wrong, but they managed to pull it together at news time.

Dave Patterson recalled , "...a newsroom packed with people anxious to see me get splashed with coffee at the end of the Unnaturals'"

Dave remembered "The Unnaturals" being an idea hatched by producer Jerry Smith while "The Naturals" was being filmed.

Both promos were shot about a year apart in the mid-70s. Smith did the bulk of WEWS promos in the mid to late-1970s.

“The promo went over so well and Dave got so much positive feedback from viewers and friends that he was anxious to do 'The Unnaturals' and basically said he’d do anything (and did),” said Gary Stark, WEWS director of programming and research.

Stark said they learned of Smith from Frank Gari. Gari did much of the music for the station in those days and was the brains and voice behind our very popular “Catch 5” campaign. Jerry Smith had been doing promos for WTAE in Pittsburgh.

“Jerry did all of our promos for many years and Frank did all the music,” Stark said adding, “It was a great time way back then…”

Dave Patterson left WEWS for WKYC in 1979.

After four years at WKYC, he went on to anchor in Philadelphia and Phoenix. He started organizing customized African safari tours as a side business in 1988. Since his retirement from anchoring in 2005, he has been splitting time between Arizona and South Africa. Click here to see his "The Africa Safari" website.

Ted Henry retired from WEWS in 2009. He and his wife, Jody, travel the world producing a series of spiritual videos called Souljourns.


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