Video Vault: Wilma, Paul and Mr. T

Vintage WEWS: March 8, 1984

CLEVELAND - To paraphrase Mr. T: I pity the fool who doesn't watch this edition of Video Vault.

We'll get to Mr. T in segment three in our Video Vault, but let's start at the beginning of the 5 p.m (well actually slightly before 5 p.m.) with a promo of what's on tap.

This Live On Five is from March 8, 1984, when Paul Orlousky filled in for Don Webster as the co-anchor of Live On Five with Wilma Smith.

Wilma left WEWS in the mid-90's for WJW.  Paul left WEWS about a year after this broadcast for WKYC and then later onto his current TV home WOIO.

This March day's big news was the weather. It was so bad Dr. Ted Castele missed his segment but fear not as you'll see Dr. Ted made it in for the close of the show.

We see meteorologist Dan Dobrowolski's state of the art weather computer and graphics. Compared to today's technology, his equipment looks as if it could be used to forecast weather for the Flintstones.

I’ve taken the 60 minute show and cut out a few segments. There were other guests during this WEWS broadcast but Mr. T's interview, taped the previous day, was the most compelling.

Sally Henkel interviews Mr. T and at the time his TV series The A-Team was a big hit and was in its second year on NBC.

Mr. T talks about his faith, his take on the show's content, jewelry, slavery and being at the White House. Be warned, Mr. T uses a word which may offend some viewers.

The fourth clip is a trip to our newsroom at the bottom of the hour. WEWS anchor Pat Minarcin gives us an update on the headlines of the day.

And finally we hear what's coming up on tomorrow's Live On Five with Dr. Ted standing between Paul and Wilma.

Along the way there are a few surprises like a movie review for the recently released 'Footloose' and a promo for movie to be shown on WEWS.


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