Video Vault: Ralphie and Randy from 'A Christmas Story' interviewed in 1983

On the movie set inside Higbee's

CLEVELAND - Amid production of “A Christmas Story” in 1983, stars Ian Petrella and Peter Billingsley are interviewed in a story by WEWS’s Fred Griffith for our “Live On Five” show.

Billingsley, 11 at the time, and Petrella, 8, talk of how they got their roles, the plot of the film, hobbies and their plans for their futures.

“I want to be a football player when I grow up, and I want to be a doctor for a little while, then after all that’s over, I want to own a pizza store,” Billingsley, who played Ralphie Parker, a boy yearning for a BB gun as a Christmas present says.

As for Petrella, the boy has some lofty aspirations.

“A paleontologist, I’m going to look for dinosaur bones,” he says. According to the 8-year-old, there are living dinosaurs in the Congo.

A few years ago, Petrella, who played little brother Randy, stayed at the Christmas Story House and was interviewed by our Pete Kenworthy.

He laughs as he watches his interview, “I have not been to the Congo yet, that’s it, I have to go to the Congo now.”

Click here to see the story aired with Petrella in 2010.

Petrella turns 39 on Dec. 17.

As for Billingsley, 42, he has remained near his acting roots over the years with no evidence he ever was a doctor or owned a pizza shop.

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