Video Vault: Viewer gets Morning Exchange couch

WEWS morning show debuted January 3, 1972

CLEVELAND - The Morning Exchange (MX) went on the air January 3, 1972. The show was groundbreaking television for some of the serious topics it discussed.

However, some of the charm of the MX was the people on the show and the fun they had.

I’ve posted just a quick 56 seconds in our video player one of the contests from the show.

The Morning Exchange was getting a news set, but what to do with the old set? Why give it away to a viewer.

To make the contest even sweeter, hosts Fred Griffith, Randi Hall and Lou Maglio delivered the set.

Good TV right? Correct. Even better TV when the couch wouldn't fit through the front door.

Hall was with the show from 1984 to 1986 to give a time context to when this clip was shot.

By the way, host Fred Griffith was born on January 3, so happy birthday Fred and happy anniversary MX.

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