Video Vault: WEWS reporter takes, passes Akron PD fitness test

AKRON, Ohio - When 20 percent of the civil service candidates for Akron Police Department positions failed to pass the physical fitness exam, it raised some eyebrows.

WEWS sent reporter Tom Koch to see if he could pass it.

The exact date of this story is unclear, but given the anchor team, Bill Jacocks and Dave Patterson, plus the news set in use, I'll place it somewhere in the 1975/1976 range.

It was the era of reporter involvement and Tom Koch gets very involved.

Koch does the same test set up for officers by Kent State University' Dr. Lawrence Golding.

Push ups, sit ups, an agility test and a one-and-a-half mile run.

A shirtless, out of breath Koch proceeds passes the test and quickly moves on to his reporter duties asking Golding about the test and Koch's performance.

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