Overweight? American Medical Association says it may not be your fault

AMA says being overweight is a disease

CLEVELAND - The American Medical Association voted Wednesday to reclassify obesity. 

In years past, it was diagnosed as a "major public health problem."   Now, it's been diagnosed as a "chronic disease."

Dr. Eileen Seeholzer of Metrohealth Medical Center said the new classification is a good thing.  "[It's] actually a process that's been in the making for a long time."

Seeholzer said that it will help advocate for obesity to be addressed by both insurance companies, doctors, and people considered overweight.

"It will encourage people to get treatment or make changes in their life and treat obesity earlier before they get sick," she said.

The doctor also stressed that this could make obesity treatments more common and more affordable.

This ruling by the AMA does not come out of the blue.  A significant number of the medical community had been advocating for a ruling like this.

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