Governor Kasich to deliver his State of the State Address Tuesday night

CLEVELAND - At 6:45 p.m., Gov. John Kasich is set to deliver his State of the State address in Lima, the heart of Republican country.

If you're expecting to hear anything new Tuesday night, Gov. Kasich said forget it.

"For those thinking they want to come to Lima on the 19th for a whole bunch of new ideas in the State of the State, don't come."

Kasich made the comment while unveiling his two-year $63.2 billion state budget on Feb. 4.

"Two years ago, we were $8 billion in the hole. Now, we're $1.9 billion surplus. That's just totally unbelievable.  Got to pinch yourself to think about that," he said.

Governors have historically waited to release their budget until after their State of the State address. Kasich is using the speech to sell his big ideas for the state: a new school funding formula. It levels the playing field between rich districts and poor ones without cutting funds. 

"Every boy and girl, no matter what district they come from, are going to be in a position to have the resources they need to be able to compete with boys and girls in any other district across the state," Kasich said.

The governor is also expected to talk about his efforts to expand business in Ohio and job creation. The speech provides a big stage for Kasich to promote his plan.

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