New iPhone case: Michigan entrepreneurs develop TurtleCell with earbuds built inside

DETROIT - "Tangled earbuds. Ugh."

We've all had that issue before, but now a dynamic duo-- both Michigan Wolverines-- have invented a product that they hope will help untangle your life.

It's called the TurtleCell and it's a hard protective case for your iPhone 5 with retractable earbuds built right inside.

Genius, huh?

"I was walking from class to class and I had that big tangled mess of earbuds that you always get in your pocket and I was just like 'why can't I put that neatly where the battery is right now?!'" said Paul Schrems, now a University of Michigan alum.

A couple of years ago, Paul teamed up with a fellow University of Michigan student at the time, Nick Turnbull, to turn his idea into a reality.

The pair has worked tirelessly to come up with the perfect model.

While at the University of Michigan, they took first place with the TurtleCell in a national competition hosted by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

"It's a really easy two button operation--you push the button... and pull the cord out to whatever length you want—you push it up again and the cord retracts back in," said Paul.

They say the earbuds that are built in are nice, sturdy headphones—the cover is also pretty tough, hugging the phone completely.

Now, Nick and Paul need your help to push their dream product out into the market. The pair has launched a Kickstarter campaign for TurtleCell and are trying to reach their $50,000 goal.

If you pledge $50 dollars on their page, you will have a TurtleCell in your hands by December of this year and ultimately help their TurtleCell sell.

"Kickstarter allows us to get out and interact with true customers and see their feedback and what they're actually looking for," said Nick.

If you want to find out more about TurtleCell, check out their Kickstarter here: and their website here:

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