Owner of The Ohio Jade Factory says jade development could bring jobs, advancement to northeast Ohio

GREEN, Ohio - Ray Marvin and his company, The Ohio Jade Factory, have been working with jade for 40 years.

Jade, explained by Marvin, is an extremely hard rock that contains every rare earth metal known to man.

Marvin currently makes jewelry with the material, that is found in many sand and gravel mines in northeast Ohio.

When we first talked with Marvin, he and his company were working on a process to use the jade for body and vehicle armor. By grinding the jade up and applying it to a ceramic tile, Marvin hopes to develop better armor for troops, police and their vehicles.

Now, Marvin says, the quality of the diamonds and other materials found inside the jade could benefit in furthering development in nanotechnology.

"The diamonds in this jade are going to advance the research and the usage of everything that Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein have put their hands to for electronics and energy," Marvin explained.

More research and development has to take place but what Marvin is confident of is that huge technological gains will be realized.

The Ohio Jade Factory has opened a small office in the City of Green, in southern Summit County and hope to open a much larger facility in the city in the near future that will employ thousands, according to Marvin.

Marvin also said, "Northeastern Ohio will be known for having the most superior form of precious metal-bearing jade on earth for many generations."

According to Marvin, the jade hasn't been developed to its fullest potential because it was classified by the U.S. Government and NASA but has recently been removed from that distinction.

Marvin says a lot of jade is simply being crushed and turned into gravel. If you have a gravel driveway, you likely have jade under the tires of your car but identifying it is the real trick.

We will continue to follow this story and bring updates as Marvin develops his company and the jade.

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