Twitter hacker strikes again; Jeep's Twitter account replaced with Cadillac's logo Tuesday

CLEVELAND - It appears there is a serial Twitter hacker on the loose and the person is targeting national brands.

On Tuesday afternoon, Jeep's Twitter feed switched over featuring Cadillac's logo while promoting the luxury brand.

It appears the hack job started about 1:30 p.m. with a tweet sent out from the official @jeep Twitter account,  "WELCOME BACK CADILLAC #300."

The verified account, which has more than 104,000 followers, has sent out more than 4,700 tweets since the account was created on December 23, 2009, according to

Following Monday afternoon's fiasco with Burger King's Twitter account, Twitter users immediately took notice.

"First Burger King, now @Jeep has been hacked. Glad people have so much pointless time on their hands," tweeted @JohnnyTeater.

"Does @BurgerKing have any advice for Jeep?" tweeted @HelloAndrewc.

"First @BurgerKing and now @Jeep. These hackers don't mess around!" tweeted @harkdotcom.

On Monday afternoon, Burger King's Twitter feed switched over featuring McDonald's logo while promoting the competitor's fare. The account was suspended about an hour later after the hacker sent out inappropriate tweets that included racial slurs and curse words.

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