Celebrate 'National UnFriend Day' with all the celebrities on November 17

Jimmy Kimmel has declared a new holiday for November and he's calling it 'National UnFriend Day.'

According to Facebook, National UnFriend Day started in 2010 and is the international day when all Facebook users 'shall protect the sacred nature of friendship by cutting out any 'friend fat' on their pages occupied by people who are not truly their friends.'

The guidelines for identifying those who are not really your friends on Facebook are listed as the following:

  • If you wouldn’t loan someone 50 dollars, unfriend them.
  • If you wouldn’t invite them to your birthday party, unfriend them.
  • If you wouldn’t cry if they got hit by a bus, unfriend them.

Billy Dee Williams even created a little promo for the holiday, which you can watch below. 

Other celebrities who have shown their support for National UnFriend Day include Dr. Oz, Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker, Lisa Kudrow, William Shatner, obviously Jimmy Kimmel, and many more. 



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