Ohio woman Katelyn Markham's death ruled a homicide two years after she went missing

CEDAR GROVE, Ind. - Two years to the day that Katelyn Markham was last seen alive, the Franklin County, Indiana Coroner's Office ruled her death a homicide.

Markham was reported missing from her Fairfield, Ohio home on Aug. 14, 2011. Her remains were found near Cedar Grove, Indiana on April 7, 2013.

Though Franklin County Coroner Wanda Lee declared Katelyn Markham's manner of death a homicide, she could not determine the exact cause of death.

Katelyn Markham's remains were released to the Markham family on Tuesday, so the family could make funeral arraignments, according to the Indiana State Police.

Last week, Katelyn Markham's father, David, spoke with NewsChannel5's sister station in Cincinnati about his daughter's death as the two-year anniversary of her disappearance approached.

"This wasn't an accident. She didn't just walk 25 miles away and lay in that creek bed and never wake up. She was put there somehow by somebody. Yeah, I want to know [how she died]. I think she deserves that justice," David Markham said in that interview.

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Katylen Markham's remains were found when an Indiana man was looking for scrap metal on April 7 and he started rummaging through a dump site along Big Cedar Creek, off U.S. 52.

On Tuesday, Indiana State Police stated they are continuing their investigation into the death of Katelyn Markham. They stated they had no suspects in the case and no additional information to release.

"When you have a death like this and all you have left to go on are skeletal remains, it just makes it that much more difficult to determine, first of all, what caused the death, and any evidence that may have been there when the body was placed there is gone," said Sgt. Noel Houze with the Indiana State Police.

On the In Memory of Katelyn Markham Facebook page, a post announced a vigil marking the two years since Katelyn Markham's disappearance would be held at 4:45 p.m. at the Fairfield Police Department.

After news of the coroner's report was released the girlfriend of David Markham said she may attend the vigil, though David would not.

"There is somebody out there who knows what happened and it's just a matter of finding that person or finding someone that may have some information that may lead us to the person that committed this crime. Certainly we're not going to give up on it," Houze said.

The Indiana State Police, in conjunction with the Fairfield police, continues to ask anyone with information on Katelyn's death to contact them at 812-689-5000, or the Fairfield Police at 513-867-6094 or Crime Stoppers at 888-352-3040.

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