Southwest Ohio police chief cited for public urination at U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI - A southwest Ohio police chief was cited Sunday for allegedly urinating in a public place, according to the police report obtained our sister station WCPO.

Cincinnati police charged city of Williamsburg Police Chief Michael Gregory, 41, of Williamsburg, for allegedly urinating at 100 Broadway, which is U.S. Bank Arena, the reported indicated.

Gregory was charged with disorderly conduct while intoxicated at approximately 7:45 p.m. and "knowingly created a condition that was offensive and [that] had no lawful purpose," according to the report.

Gregory is scheduled to appear in court Friday, Jan. 11.

Williamsburg Mayor Mary Ann Lefker said she is "disappointed" if the allegations are accurate, but noted Gregory has had a long career with the department without incident and called him "well-respected."

"Chief Gregory has been with the Williamsburg Police Department since 1997. He was promoted to sergeant in 2001 and, upon retirement of our former chief in 2004, he was selected to lead our department," Lefker said. "During this time he has been a well-respected leader in our police department with good reviews throughout the years."

Lefker said she is taking the allegations seriously and a review is under way.

"I am very disappointed that we find it necessary to review allegations against our police chief, however, any incident that is a negative reflection on our village is taken very seriously and any actions that may be taken will be based upon a complete and final review of this alleged incident," she said.

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