Worker at Subway in Columbus puts genitals on bread dough

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Columbus Public Health officials are investigating after shocking pictures surfaced of Subway employees' lewd behavior.

The photos were posted on a social media site. One shows a man putting his genitals on what appears to be bread dough from Subway with the caption, "I will be your sandwich artist today."

In another picture, someone is holding up a bottle with the caption saying they froze their urine at work.

Two employees were fired and the restaurant was temporarily closed.

"We know we needed to look into it," said Jose Rodriguez with Columbus Public Health. "Immediately, they took action to make sure all those surfaces were cleaned and that the food was discarded."

The director of operations for the company that owns this Subway said, "We do our best to hire properly. We had a couple of kids who don't understand the ramifications of what they do and what they post."

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