Study: MetroHealth brings $797 million to northeast Ohio economy

CLEVELAND - The MetroHealth medical system is one of northeast Ohio's most valuable assets, says a new study carried out by Cleveland State University.

The economic research study found that each year MetroHealth contributes $797 million to the region's economy.

Cleveland State said that impact is expected to grow as money is put into a capital project renewing the MetroHealth Medical campus and its ambulatory networks across Cuyahoga County. The MetroHealth Middleburg Heights November Family Health Center is scheduled to open this summer.

CSU's study also makes the following predictions:

- Additional anticipated capital spending will result in the funding of an estimated 5,309 jobs in the region, creating an additional economic impact of $349 million by 2017.

- MetroHealth currently provides an economic impact of $562.4 million to the city of Cleveland through jobs and spending. By 2017, with the capital improvements underway, that number is expected to rise to $738.8 million.

- MetroHealth's economic impact on Cuyahoga County is now more than $747 million, but is expected to reach more than $1 billion by 2017.

- Spike in MetroHealth capital spending will create approximately 4,452 jobs in Cuyahoga County, including jobs in construction and project management.

MetroHealth's system reached a milestone last year, providing more than one million patient visits for the first time.

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