Video Vault: Danny Thomas, Cary Grant come to Cleveland in 1978 to open a Revco drugstore

Revco store number 1000 opens

CLEVELAND - With so many movies being filmed in Cleveland, it doesn’t seem odd that Hollywood legends Cary Grant and Danny Thomas would have been in town in 1978.

What is unusual was they weren’t here to shoot a movie, but rather to open a drugstore.

To celebrate the opening of the 1,000th store, the Revco Drugstore chain brought Grant, Thomas and other celebrities in for the grand opening.

In the 27 seconds of video in our player, you won’t see Cary Grant, but you will see a larger-than-life Danny Thomas puffing on huge cigar.

Without a shot list - I'm guessing here, the two people shown at the beginning may be former Cleveland  first lady Sandy Kucinich and Cleveland councilman John Lynch.

Today, with a Walgreens or a CVS on every corner, it may seem strange to celebrate store number 1,000, but on Feb. 25, 1978 it was unheard of for a drugstore chain to have that many stores.

According to some stories, Revco's fast growth may have part of its undoing. In 1996, with well over 2,000 stores, the Twinsburg, Ohio- based chain was acquired by CVS.

A personal note, we here at WEWS shot commercials for Revco. I was involved in a shoot in 1981 where I blew out the entire computer system in the store we were using. Oops. I learned not to plug lights into a computer cash register’s outlet.

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