Coach Chud does not commit to Quarterback Brandon Weeden for next Sunday's game

CLEVELAND - Cleveland Browns Head Coach Rob Chudzinski is not committing to starting quarterback Brandon Weeden for next week's game against Kansas City.

In a Monday noon news conference, Chudzinski said he and the other coaches will talk in the afternoon and, in fact, they will evaluate all the starting positions.

This is in sharp contrast to last week's news conference where Chudzinski immediately committed to Weeden after the Browns lost to Detroit at FirstEnergy Stadium.

Weeden finished 17 of 42 for 149 yards.

Chudzinski called Sunday's 31 to 13 loss to the Green Bay Packers a tough loss to a very good team.

He said, "We did not execute the way we needed to. I'm confident our mistakes can be improved on."

The Browns were tagged for 12 penalties which Chudzinski called "not acceptable."

One of those penalties, an offside penalty, came after Cleveland thought it recovered an onside kick but instead Green Bay got the ball pack and that led to another Packer touchdown.

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