Dash cam released in Johnny Manziel domestic argument involving girlfriend

CLEVELAND - newsnet5.com has obtained the dash cam footage in last week's domestic argument between Johnny Manziel and his girlfriend.

Watch the video in the media player above. 

newsnet5.com was the first to report that Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel was pulled over by Avon police after a domestic argument got out of hand on Interstate 90 westbound.

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The argument took place between Manziel and his Texas Christian University girlfriend Colleen Elizabeth Crowley.

The incident started on I-90 westbound near the Nagle Road overpass on Monday at 6 p.m.

According to the report, a witness called police after seeing Manziel's white Nissan use the shoulder of the road to pass her at a high speed.

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The witness told police the couple was arguing and Crowley attempted to exit the vehicle while they were on the road.

In the report, both Manziel and Crowley admitted they were having an argument . Crowley said she threw Manziel's wallet out of the window.

The report stated the couple then stopped the car in an Avon neighborhood and continued arguing. That's when a second witness called police.

Minutes later, police stopped Manziel's car on Nagle Road where he said both he and Crowley had been drinking in downtown Cleveland earlier that day.

Police did not believe the couple was intoxicated to the point where they could be charged and Crowley told officers that she did not want to press charges. Both were allowed to leave the scene in Manziel's car.

On the dash cam video Manziel told the officer the couple got into an argument when he suggested picking up a buddy downtown after a few drinks. "We got into a little bit of 'hey you want to hang out with some other girls,'" Manziel recalled. "Her saying to me you want to see some other girls that's why you want to hang out with him."

Not long after officers arrived Browns Linebacker Paul Kruger pulled over. He was out running errands with his wife when he recognized Manziel's car. Crowley can be heard on tape asking police to tell him to leave.

"He doesn't need to be here he has nothing to do with it," Crowley said. The officer told her to give him a second. "No," she responded. "It's not fair, he needs to go."

Before leaving Kruger told an officer "if I can thrown in my own judgement," he said. "She's not the right one he should be with I'll tell you that much."

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