NFL Regional Combine held at Cleveland Browns' facility

BEREA, Ohio - Berea was the place to be if you wanted that extra shot at stardom to play in the NFL, as the Regional Combine for the NFL came to the Cleveland Browns' practice facility to take a look at pro football hopefuls.

Mike Kozak, of NFL Regional Combines, said the event gives hopefuls that one chance of being a pro football star.

"It's a fair evaluation process, just like the NFL combine in Indianapolis. It's the same format, testing, and there are league scouts here."

It doesn't matter if the participants are college players, ex-military men or if they've never played football before. It's all based on talent, kind of like a reality show. After the best have been chosen, it's on to Dallas for the elite regional combine.

About 108 participants put on their cleats Sunday, hoping to do it for real sometime in early fall -- and maybe even as a Cleveland Browns player.

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