Volleyball player Sarah Peterson of Padua High is athlete of the week

PARMA, Ohio - Senior Sarah Peterson of Padua Franciscan High School is a top notch volleyball player for the Bruins. But volleyball is not top priority.

"I always think like if I got hurt or I just didn't love volleyball anymore it will always fall back on my academics.  Even when I was little my parents always stressed to get good grades," said Sarah.

Sarah also enjoys teaching the game she loves to fourth graders at the elementary school.

"I love working with little kids, especially helping them with something like volleyball that I have been doing my whole life," said Sarah.

Sarah is the type of athlete coaches love to coach.

"Very unselfish and well developed player and just willing to do whatever it's takes," said head volleyball coach James Beharry.

And that type of hard playing on the court has earned Sarah a scholarship to play volleyball at Indiana State University.


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