W. 14th St ramp to I-90 eastbound will close Thursday night as part of Innerbelt Bridge Project

CLEVELAND - With the opening of the new westbound span of the Innerbelt Bridge, traffic patterns throughout downtown Cleveland are in flux.

Another change this week affects those who live or work in Tremont.

Thursday night at 8 p.m., ODOT will be shutting down the W. 14th St ramp to I-90 EB. This is a closure that will remain in effect until 2016 when the new eastbound span of the Innerbelt Bridge is complete.

This closure will not affect drivers trying to get into Tremont, but it will change the way drivers leave the area.

To get to downtown, drivers can use Abbey to get to the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge or drivers can take Professor and Starkweather to get on I-490 from West 7th. From 490 drivers can get onto I-77 NB. 

ODOT is encouraging motorists to use I-77 and 490 instead of I-90 EB across the span of the old Innerbelt Bridge. Throughout the month, drivers should expect more closures and traffic changes as all traffic is transitioned onto the new Innerbelt bridge.

In addition, 90 EB/WB will close tonight between 77 and 490 at 8pm The Innerbelt Bridge will reopen at 6am on Friday. Then the WB side will close again Friday night at 8pm until 6am Monday morning.  On Monday morning, all ramps to 90 WB will lead onto the new bridge.

Once all traffic is on the bridge, there will be two lanes of traffic in both directions. Drivers are encouraged to continue using 77 and 490 throughout the construction of the second span of the bridge, which is expected to be completed in 2016.

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