Aurora Borealis possibly visible from Ohio tonight

CLEVELAND - After the strongest solar flare of the year, we may get a chance to see the Northern Light from Ohio.

On April 11 the sun launched some of the year's strongest solar flares right at our planet. After that, typically 24-48 hours, the Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights) becomes active. Last night we were too cloudy but tonight we are clearing out just in time! 

The strength of the Northern lights is measured on a scale of 1-10kp. For Northeast Ohio, we need these values to be closer to 7. Stay tuned to my Twitter account, I'll be posting updates on the current values. 

If you're heading out, try to get as far away form city lights as you can. The darker the better! When you get to a dark place, let your eyes adjust and look to the north. 

If you get a chance to catch a glimpse, be sure to send me the photos. You can either email them to me at, Tweet them or post them on my Facebook wall.

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