September 2013 in northern Ohio: Much drier than normal, only a handful of wet days

CLEVELAND - September is typically our transition month from long, hot summer days, to shorter, cooler fall days.

September 2013 fit into that category as temperatures slowly fell through the month, with a few exceptions.

We had some serious heat in September. Twice seeing record highs in the middle 90s on the the 10th and 11th. Overall, we ended up having a very average month temperature-wise. Our average temperature was about 65 degrees, and that's right on average for the month.

Rainfall, or the lack of rainfall, was something to note.

During the month, we only saw SEVEN days where measurable rain fell at Hopkins. In total, about 1.9 inches of rain fell during the month, well short of the normal 3.7 inches we normally see. So, we saw about 50 percent of our normal September typical rainfall.

The dry September didn't approach record values, though. To crack the top ten driest Septembers ever, we would have only had to received 1.2 inches of rain.

Right now it's looking like we'll see a wetter than average October, but nothing like the record setting wet we saw in October 2012, when we received more than ten inches of rain.

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