Summer 2013 recap for northern Ohio: Seasonably warm with lots of rain

CLEVELAND - Looking back at the summer of 2013, we're reminded of how pleasant our summers can be across northern Ohio.

It was only a year ago, when Cleveland saw more than twenty-five 90 degree days. But in 2012, a different story, only eight 90 degree days. That's right on average for a typical summer. In fact, our average temperature for the entire summer was nearly normal. Check out the temp numbers:

June: average temperature: 69 (.3 below normal).

July: average temperature: 74 (.4 above normal).

August: average temperature: 71 (1 below normal).

September: average temperature: 67 (.4 above normal).

We had zero 90 degree days in August, a somewhat rare event.

Rainfall-wise, the summer of 2013 was a soaker. Especially June. Take a look at the numbers:

June: 7.9" of rain (4.5" above normal).

July: 4.9" of rain (1.5" above normal).

August: 2.8" of rain (.7" below normal).

September: 1.9" of rain (.9" below normal).

Keep in mind, summer began in mid-June, but I broke down the entire June numbers and ran those numbers through the third week in September.  

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