WINTER SURVIVAL GUIDE: Last year's winter left many of you asking 'Where's the Snow?'

CLEVELAND - Last year's winter was slow to start and it left many of you asking "Where's the snow?" Our winter last year lacked that major snowstorm.

We did have one big snowstorm of the season occurred on Dec. 26, when Northern Ohio was blanketed with between 5 and 10 inches of snowfall. It certainly slowed you down, clogged the highways, made for good news live shots, but that was it for the headline-grabbers.

The rest of winter saw mainly light to briefly moderate snow. For some reason, all the MONSTER snowstorms for the rest of the season went around us to the west to Chicago and Milwaukee; and to the east to Boston and New York City. Those cities all shoveled much more snow than normal. You can see where the snow fell. But here: Not so much.

And by the end of April, snow totals for Cleveland added up to only 52 inches. That's 18 inches below normal. While virtually all of the major cities in the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley saw above normal snows last year, areas from Toledo to Cleveland to Mansfield had below normal snows. Akron did a little better, adding up 47 inches of snow, close to the average of 48 inches

When it came to Lake Effect snow. Areas in the traditional snow belt east of Cleveland shoveled anywhere from 60 to 140 inches of snow. Sounds like a lot. But that's close to their normal amount for the season.

As for temperatures, the cold was slow to arrive and slow to leave. It lingered for a long time. Temperatures in February March and April all averaged below normal. March was the coldest month with temperatures almost 5 degrees below the average. But the chill lingered all the way into May. There was snow and sleet on Mother's Day, May 12.


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