Akron Zoo keeps close watch on animals during cold weather

AKRON, Ohio - The staff at the Akron Zoo takes extra care during the extreme cold temperatures to protect the animals.

Things like heat panels, heat lights and heat rocks are added to the living areas to make things more comfortable.

Eric Albers, Curator of Mammal, said in some cases, they allow indoor and outdoor access for the animals so they can choose for themselves. He said the staff also keeps a close eye on the critters.

"They are watching anything, just like you would on pets at home. Any kind of frostbite, anything that's just shivering too much, maybe they are not acting the way they should be. A lot of the water, we use heated bowls or do something to keep the water sources available for them," Albers said.

The Akron Zoo is open year-round and has some heated indoor areas for visitors.

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