Dozens turnout to help family search for missing daughter, 19-year-old Taylor Robinson

Dozens of volunteers turned out to help search for 19-year-old Taylor Robinson of Akron, who has been missing since May 3rd.

Volunteers filled the parking lot at Akron’s Arlington Plaza at around 2 p.m. Saturday.  There the three organizers, who didn’t know Taylor’s family before this, handed out flyers, neon yellow vests and pads of paper with pens for people to log anything suspicious.

Tim Henney is one of the organizers and told NewsChannel5 Saturday, “I’m a father and if that were my daughter I’d want to know where she went … I felt compelled to do this because it's self-explanatory. You don't have to ask the mom what she's going through. She has to take care of herself and at the same time she's wondering where her baby is. ”

Carmilla Robinson’s daughter, Taylor, went missing almost six weeks ago.  She was last seen on May 3rd. Robinson told police she dropped her daughter off for work as a home healthcare aide near the 700 Block of Kipling Avenue and hasn’t seen or heard from her daughter since.

“Sounds like she was trying to better herself and do the right thing and now she's missing,” said David Watkins, “…so I hope that something happens today. ”

Watkins told NewsChannel5 he traveled from Kent to help search Saturday. Many people were drawn to volunteer for different reasons. 

Cathy Doerman, who is still fighting for justice for her own sister said , “This is kind-of personal to me, I don't know Taylor.  Um, my sister, herself, went missing from the Arlington area eight years ago. She was found three months later ... so, I wanted to come down here and help search. ”  Doerman said she knows all too well what Taylor’s family, especially her mother, is going through.

Once everyone was signed and received the necessary materials, people split into groups of about eight and headed off to different directions.  One of the locations searched, the wooded area right behind the Arlington Plaza, where one person found a few items.

“The girl that was canvassing the area there at the bottom found a couple of credit cards down there,” said Allen Aur. Eena Jones, another one of the volunteers said someone found burnt clothing.

Volunteers plan to hand all of these items to police.  Carmilla Robinson, touched by the turnout, said, “I'm so grateful and so in shock,  I have no clue over half these people are.  I am so shocked and thank you is just not enough. ”

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